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Guiding organizations to automate budgeting & reporting processes with Adaptive Insights business planning cloud.

Solutions & Advantages

Setup a strong planning foundation & optimize Adaptive Insights with our experienced implementation team.

Implementation & Project Management

Our proven implementation approach includes FP&A and Adaptive best practices, aligning deliverables and timelines.

Administrator &
End User Training

Designed to maintain the Adaptive suite, training ranges from model building and setup to budgeting and reporting.

Data Connector

We use a simple approach to automate data integration, allowing systems to seamlessly communicate with Adaptive.

Adaptive Insights

Global leader in cloud-based SaaS for planning, consolidation, reporting & analytics

Fully automate data consolidation

Built-in financial intelligence

Drag-and-drop & dynamic reports

Cut budgeting cycle times by 70%

Easy-to-use & intuitive interface

Enable “what-if” scenario planning

Prime Planning

Certified and preferred implementation partner of Adaptive Insights

Easy transition from spreadsheets

Proven "Mini Model" approach

Industry specific best practices

Model review & analysis

Expert training & implementation

Goals met on time & within budget

About Us

We collaborate with finance teams to implement the most efficient and meaningful Adaptive Insights solution.

Prime Planning, formerly AdaptivePrime Consulting, is a certified and preferred implementation partner of Adaptive Insights. With Adaptive’s business planning cloud, we enable organizations to break free of manual budgeting processes, increasing productivity and taking business performance to the next level. Founded and managed by Adaptive Insights alumni, we have over 20+ years of combined experience with Adaptive FP&A, implementation, training and support. We serve a growing list of clients across a variety of industries, and have successfully implemented over 150 projects. Our customers benefit from our “best in class” services and our ability to seamlessly transition their budgeting processes into Adaptive’s cloud-based solution.


Successful Implementations

Healthcare Projects

Years of Experience


"Jon was the consultant for our company's recent implementation of Adaptive Planning (business budgeting software). He is very knowledgeable about the product, has an excellent foundation in accounting and budgeting practices, has strong technical skills, and is a good listener. Jon was able to translate our somewhat complicated requirements into a very workable system. We are now up and running and have finalized this year's 8+4 forecast/variance as well as next year's budget in Adaptive Planning. We have received very positive feedback from the users and overall the project has been a resounding success. Thank you Jon! "

Susan Golden,  Sierra Club

“Jonathan is an excellent trainer with a complicated product. His knowledge and skill set for the Adaptive product is thorough and exceptional. Jonathan exhibited best practices to accommodate our budgeting processes and security requirements and was often creative in finding solutions for our company. He is astute at the intricacies of budgeting / forecasting in the Non-Profit environment. Jonathan kept a schedule for learning the Adaptive Suite software and encouraged me towards a goal of learning the program with proficiency and being considerate of my time and the company dollars. His project management skills are exceptional. I learned the system within a couple of months and now manage and maintain our financials through Adaptive Planning. We are currently experiencing our first company wide budgeting process and the process of training others has been very easy with all that I learned from Jonathan.”

Marlene Abbey, LifeMission Church

“Prime Planning assisted our company through 2 major projects with Adaptive Planning. They are extremely knowledgeable of Adaptive Planning, and the budget process in general. They are very organized, responsive, pleasant, and listen very well. Everyone at our company who has worked with their team would agree. It's really nice to work with professionals. We would highly recommend Prime Planning...”

Jay Ballou, The Noerr Programs

“The Prime Planning team is an excellent budget, planning and reporting resource. They understand planning and reporting, and use this knowledge to help businesses implement planning and reporting software. I worked with Jonathan and his team on an Adaptive Planning project and their skills were excellent. They were able to efficiently implement the project, manage the project milestones and provide me with technical product guidance. Adaptive is a very intuitive application, but Prime Planning took the extra time to teach me how to use the tool, so I would get the most value out of the application.”

Steve Palomino, PalScott

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